Door and window sashes by rule

What do you see from your window?
Changing seasons;faddiness of time,

growing children...
Life passes making you feel sometimes an actor,

sometimes a spectactor.
A concentration of emotions and thoughts

that only you can prove!
You are an artist of the most beautiful picture of the world:
“Your Life”.

A window sash is created due to the necessity of protection from the outside, evolving in more and more refined materials and evolved decorations, till it has become a furniture complement. We have arrived farther ahead, giving to a sash a proper life, a Soul!

Apart of classic sashes, we offer exclusively the following: a frame to the world.
Wooden and aluminium sashes are studied to respect the highest quality level for thermic insulation and environmental conformity. We present particular profiles and forms; decorations and colours make our sashes unique and real masterpieces.




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