Daniel Zeni

DANIEL ZENI was born in Montichiari in 1975. After finishing professional studies, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and entered in the family business that had been functioning for over twenty years in the field of metal treatment for third party.

In 2005, due to the acquired experience of the company, the business evolved and together with iron and steel treatment, the production of window sashes began giving life to “ZENI SERR”.

In 2011 a further improvement is being elaborated in the light of the following concept: any element, both of home interior or of industry surroundings, if elaborated with diligence and artisan devotion, has its own identity and therefore its own soul.

From the union of our passion for work and the main element of “manual” handicraft, the face of our new brand “ANIMA E FERRO” was born. “ANIMA E FERRO” departs from the concept of “artisan” handicraft and produces from a single piece to small/medium lots.

Our aim: to mold iron in order to realize ideas.